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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: James M.
Comments: I was a bit unsure if the online courses would be good for me, but I found the ability to pause and rewatch different demos really worked well. This was really good when the topic was a bit complex so thanks very much.
Name: paul s.
Comments: doug was the man, i think he should teach all the .net courses, and it would be a factor if i was to do another course if doug was teaching it
Name: Jim J.
Comments: I dont think Ive ever seen an instrutor respond to questions in such a quick, consise manor.
Name: Jaspal S.
Comments: Has solid technial understanding backed up with many years of real commercial experience.
Name: Mike R.
Comments: he is a first class trainer with amazing energy and enthusiasm for the material. His understanding of real world applications was first class.
Name: Simon J.
Comments: The depth and breadth of the instructors knowledge was awesome!
Name: Geoff H.
Comments: He really knows his subject and puts it over well and he provided lots of encouragement and helpful advice.
Name: Nicholas A.
Comments: The instructor was first class.
Name: Ben W.
Comments: Excellent knowledge & training ability. Thank you.
Name: Alison B.
Comments: the instructor's energy and positive attitude through such long days for the entire week was excellent... an extremely good instructor with a great knowledge of his subject area.

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"The instructor was first class."
by Nicholas A.
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