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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: paul s.
Comments: doug was the man, i think he should teach all the .net courses, and it would be a factor if i was to do another course if doug was teaching it
Name: Mark R.
Comments: the instructor was superb, and is the main reason I will come back to study again. Lord knows how he kept the energy up to deliver so lucidly the content so consitently, fully and still manage to keep the often dry content interesting.
Name: Barry D.
Comments: he was excellent and the best instructor that I have had on a IT course
Name: Mehmet S.
Comments: Doug Rees was by far the best instructor i've ever met. Well done.
Name: Neil K.
Comments: he was the best instructor I have every been involved with - he could not improve. In particular, special mention must go to my instructor, who was the most knowledgable individual I have ever met. He has loads of time for people and questions.
Name: Piush P.
Comments: he was one of the best instrucutors I have ever come accross. I don't think he can approve. He was excellent
Name: Naomi. L
Comments: The tuition was excellent. Thanks Doug.
Name: Geoff F.
Comments: Doug Rees was very impressive. I felt fortunate to be taught by such a knowledgable, helpful and courteous individual. Can't thank him enough for doing so much.
Name: Jim A.
Comments: Superb instructor. he managed to keep the attention of the whole class, the whole of the time despite long hours, late nights and early mornings. Very impressive.
Name: Tom G.
Comments: Doug Rees was probably the best instructor I've experienced, and I've done a lot of training.

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"The tuition was excellent. Thanks Doug."
by Naomi. L
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