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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: Calvin W.
Comments: I thought the instructor was outstanding. His enthusiasm for the subject made it impossible to be distracted or disinterested. He was completely knowledgable and professional, with a good sense of humour.
Name: Andy J.
Comments: is a very experienced instructor who effectively transferred all his enthusiasm for the material and extensive technical knowledge to the rest of the group.
Name: Jeff T.
Comments: It great to be taught by an instructor that not only has the competent to teach a subject but also has the knowledge of working with the product in the real world
Name: Mark K.
Comments: Definately the most effective instructor I've ever come accross. A great communicator and equally good motivator.
Name: Andrew M.
Comments: he is a brilliant tutor, knows this stuff inside out and somehow managed to keep my attention for up to 12 hours a day.
Name: Jean B.
Comments: Doug Rees is probably the most knowledgeable instructor you could wish for. He was very understanding and extremely helpful in all aspects... Can you clone him?
Name: Martin H.
Comments: I have to say that the instructor was an exceptional Trainer and I'm sure it was due to his enthusiasm that helped most of us continue studying at a fast pace. An excellent job.
Name: Paul R.
Comments: One of the best teachers I have come across, including university,
Name: Peter A.
Comments: I was very impressed with the instructor and found his teaching and communication style extremely effective for me.
Name: Jonathan B.
Comments: he is a fantastic instructor, always helpfull, the fact that he got all that info into me in SEVEn days is amazing, WEL DONE

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"he is a fantastic instructor, always helpfull, the fact that he got all that info into me in SEVEn days is amazing, WEL DONE"
by Jonathan B.
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