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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: Lindsay H.
Comments: the instructor was great. If a colleague comes on the course I will recommend that they try and get on one of his courses.
Name: Luke B.
Comments: the instructor was very experienced and well informed about the topic area. he was available to ask questions afterward if we missed anything however.
Name: Taz M.
Comments: the instructor knew his information which was absolutely essential in garnering respect and capability! I learnt more in 7 days then i have in the past few years! Doug Rees really knows his stuff.
Name: Lance B.
Comments: Our trainer was top notch, his thorough knowledge of the subject and crystal clear explanations meant not a second was wasted, his passion for the subject kept it alive and interesting througout
Name: David G.
Comments: A week in the company of Doug Rees is reason enough to attend this course, he is no Powerpoint Parrot, he is clearly a talented real world developer who can transfer his comprehensive knowledge of .NET effectively and ensure that if you put in the effort, you will get your MCAD.
Name: Christopher Q.
Comments: Excellent instructor. Very knowledgable about the subject
Name: Kevin F.
Comments: the instructor did a fantastic job of covering a lot of material in a short space of time. There were many concepts that made little sense simply from reading the study book but he made them seem simple with a combination of lectures and, more importantly, demos. By the time of the exams I felt I understood the subject and could derive answers rather than simply recall them. Doug's threw in many little tips and asides that were invaluable.
Name: Mark J.
Comments: Doug Rees was excellent. Professional but approachable, with an obvious expertise.
Name: spencer o.
Comments: the instructor was excellent throughout, just wish he could sit the exams for me ;)
Name: Paul R.
Comments: One of the best teachers I have come across, including university,

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"the instructor was excellent throughout, just wish he could sit the exams for me ;)"
by spencer o.
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