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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: Jim J.
Comments: I dont think Ive ever seen an instrutor respond to questions in such a quick, consise manor.
Name: Gursharn S.
Comments: Doug Rees (trainer) was simply fantastic and knew .net 2 inside out
Name: Mehmet S.
Comments: Doug Rees was by far the best instructor i've ever met. Well done.
Name: Mark T.
Comments: The instructor is clearly very knowledgeable and passonate about .NET. This came across in the lectures. I don't think he needs to improve. To teach this amount of material in two weeks, I'm suprised he's still standing!
Name: Nigel M.
Comments: Doug Rees is a fantastic trainer, teaching his subject clearly and with enthusiasm. What he teaches, he knows inside out. How he tells you to learn is the most effective way possible.
Name: Shahin A.
Comments: How do the best get better? Doug Rees is the best instructor I have ever been taught by!
Name: Alan B.
Comments: Absolutely superb, I don't think i would have gained the knowledge and informaton, any other way
Name: Ben W.
Comments: Excellent knowledge & training ability. Thank you.
Name: Michael P.
Comments: Absolutely first rate training which vindicated my decision to come on the course as opposed to attempt to do the exams on my own. As well as the certification, I feel I've learned so much which I can take back to my job.
Name: Mohammed S.
Comments: I think Doug was a great experience to be with, and I would give a big chunk of the credit towards my MCAD to him. He was very friendly and helpful. I would rate him as one of the best lecturers I have seen and would not hesitate to do the MCSD.NET certification training with Doug when I get the opportunity

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"Excellent knowledge & training ability. Thank you."
by Ben W.
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