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Frequently Asked Questions about our recorded Microsoft .NET training courses:

Q: How long are the screencasts?
A: Each chapter within a course varies. Some chapters are only 30 minutes in duration, some are over 2 hours. But the advantage of the recorded sessions is that you can pause them whenever you like. You can also jump right to a particular topic within a chapter just like opening a page of a book when you last put it down.

Q: What format is the recording in?
A: Our videos are in WMV format so you should have no problem in viewing the recordings in your favourite viewing software.

Q: Can I ask questions after viewing the course?
A: As our pricing for the recorded sessions is very aggressive, we don't currently offer a guaranteed way to have a question answered by your instructor. However, please send your question via email to and we will do our best to help out. If you really want interactive learning, then please look at our live (real-time) course offerings.

Q: Are they purely exam cram courses?
A: No. We certainly cover what you need to know in order to pass your MCTS exams, but we also ensure we cover enough real-world issues that you will face in your daily .NET jobs.

Q: What do I get for my money?
A: You a DVD with at least 15 hours of instructor led tuition and demonstrations per course (some have over 30 hours), conducted by some of the best Microsoft Certified trainers around. You also get copies of the demonstrations and PDFs of the slides so you can print them out and take notes as you go. We don't however supply the Microsoft Press book that we have based the course on because many of you will have already purchased it, or can get hold of one very cheaply from etc for under £30.

Q: Do you have any past student comments I can read?
A: Absolutely! We have hundreds of past student comments available for you to read. Go to our Comments page to see a randomized selection of student comments.

Q: Why do we base the course on a Microsoft Press book?
A: We mainly use Microsoft Press material that has been proven over several years to offer the best way of learning Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET and Windows development. This material is good reference material plus it is targeted as passing your exams. We will provide the details of which MSPress book(s) you will require for the course.

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